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A List Of Impressive Dissertation Topics On General Surgery

If you are doing a medical degree of some sort then you may well be thinking about writing a dissertation on the theme of general surgery. In order to help you come up with a good title for your paper, the following outlines some ideas that you may wish to consider when brainstorming, as well as also providing a list of further ideas that may hopefully provide you with some extra inspiration.

Consider any practical experience that you have had

As a student, you may not necessarily have a great deal of practical experience when it comes to general surgery. However, if you have spent any time in a hospital surgical theatre then you may wish to consider basing your work on any interesting experiences that you had. Alternatively, if there have been any demonstrations that you have seen performed, or any other similar experiences, then you may wish to draw upon these when it comes to thinking of a good title for your piece of work.

Think of areas of medicine that you find most important

If you intend to become a surgeon one day then it is likely that you want to help people. As a result, they may be specific areas related to medicine and surgery that are important to you. It may be that you or a family member has once required some form of surgery or, alternatively, you may have an interest fact any other reason. Ultimately, it can be a really good idea to think of any areas relating to general surgery that you would be interested in researching and writing about, especially if what you write can have an impact upon someone else’s life.

To give you a few further ideas of what you may wish to write about, the following provides some broad topic and title ideas for you to consider.

  • A comparison of hygiene practices and general surgery in the late 19th century with the modern day
  • How has technology transformed the job role of surgeons?
  • How is surgery used in professional sports?
  • What anaesthetic options are available in general surgery?
  • How successful is heart surgery?
  • What surgical techniques are available for carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers?
  • How is hip surgery performed and what modern materials have aided its success?
  • How common are infections as a result of surgery?
  • How can surgery help to re-attach severed limbs and digits?
  • How is eye surgery performed?

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