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12 Unexpected Sport Dissertation Topic Ideas For University Students

  1. An argument for drug use in cycling: The discovery and analysis of which drugs should be allowed in sports and why

  2. Discuss which drugs should be deemed safe in cycling and why the absence of these drugs leaves a vacuum in the sport.

  3. Golf rules that do not work and should be changed: A study of the historic evolution of golf and how this evolution should continue

  4. Drug testing in Olympic Chess: Discovery of brain-stimulating drugs that should be tested for since the inclusion of Chess in the Olympics

  5. Basketball players get paid too much: Strategizing new methods of player salaries in the NBA

  6. Look at ways to reinvent the NBA and how to implement more player-focused games as opposed to hero worshipping.

  7. Football’s ‘hairdryer treatment’ and why it works: An analysis of popular football coaching techniques and why they should be promoted across all teams

  8. How newspaper sports writing negatively affects the industry: A study of the influence the media has on the world of sports and how it should change

  9. Alexis Sanchez: A football player profile to be noted above that of his peers

  10. Look at Alexis Sanchez’s rise to fame and discuss how he got there and why he is especially gifted.

  11. The importance of sports in schools: Suggestions on school sports initiatives and their surrounding factors

  12. Unethical sports involving animals: The influence of these sports and why they should be done away with

  13. Analyze sports such as horse racing, dog racing, and other sports involving animals. Should these sports be banned; and why?

  14. Commercialism in sports and how it ruins the true essence of the game: Strategies on evolving popular sports to be more game focused

  15. The fining system in Rugby: Ways to make it more effective and less of a publicity stunt

  16. Getting a fine in Rugby has now become more of a publicity stunt than and real punishment. Look at better ways to implement disciplinary action on Rugby players who know they are too good to replace.

  17. The lifelong commitment of winning an Olympic gold medal: The pros and cons involved in training for the Olympics and attaining a gold medal

  18. Many have a lifelong dream of winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Look at this process from the conceptualization to the realization of this dream.


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