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Creating Catchy Dissertation Titles About Art: Good Ideas

Creating catchy dissertation titles about art are not so easy. It needs a sense of beauty as well as a great power of intuition. So there is some instinct talent that is needed to do this. But there are some techniques by following which you can make the titles catchy one

What things should be considered?

  • The people you are going to attract are the main thing to conside4r. Their likes and dislikes must be well known to you.
  • You must understand the standard of art and its purposes
  • You have to have a deep respect for art. Otherwise, whatever you try may seem presumptuous
  • The title must be related with the experience of your own. Suppose you have a special feeling with a poem. In that case, it is always better that you consider that poem as your topic.

Let us discuss about some of the catchy titles about art

  1. Is art abandoned in an age of materialism?
  2. What art really is?
  3. Difference between visual form of art and audio form of art.
  4. Do you need any academic education to be an artist?
  5. Is art an objective phenomenon or a subjective phenomenon?
  6. Is there any place for art in the modern society?
  7. Is art more a matter of intuition than intellect?
  8. Do you need a different set of mind to write about art?
  9. Artist is inborn or not
  10. Is there really any relationship between art and science?

All these titles may become catchy or not depending upon their atmosphere. Some people think science is against the art and some people have the opposite opinion. So you always have to have a clear basic idea about the reader of your dissertation. And if you want to create a catchy topic, you have to understand their psychology.

In conclusion

You have to understand the socio-cultural reality of the readers. All people are the product of their society. So if you have the basic idea of the social reality of the people, you have got the psychology of the reader. The next task is to select the catchy topic in accordance with the psychology of the reader. A catchy topic always enhances the quality of a paper. People can believe that something wrathful has been written in the paper. Hence, a catchy topic is very much necessary for the publicity of the paper.


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