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Selection Of Great Dissertation Topics In Nursing Education

Writing a dissertation is always a hectic job. You need a lot of time to be spent so that you can collect good facts and data regarding your project. Based on your project your credentials will be judged when you will be pursuing higher studies or job in your field. So the whole dissertation thing is not to be taken lightly. It is a work of grave importance whose ramification are so deep rooted that your entire future depends on it.

The most important thing in a dissertation is the choice of your topic. There are many criteria which should be fulfilled before choosing it as your project’s topic. It must be interesting and an attention grabbing one. A dull topic can never instil a sense of interests amongst readers.

Some of the points that must be kept in mind while choosing a topic:

  1. The choice of your topic must be such that it interests people to its core. They should not get bored at the look of the topic. The whole idea is to sell your work and for that you need to have a good choice in your topic.

  2. The topic shall never be too hard. You may run out of resources in the midway. It will leave you devastated. People get completely frustrated when they face the problem of lacking information about their project. They might even sometimes have to leave their whole work in midway.

  3. The topic should not be an easy one too. A dull topic will never be an attention grabber.

  4. So the topic should be interesting one, with good sense of aesthetics in it. People should love to read your paper. The topic itself should stir an interest amongst them.

Some of the topics related to nursing

  • A sense of spiritual awareness that should be within nurses.

  • Issues related to patients with prostate cancer and techniques of nursing them.

  • How to manage adult intensive care units.

  • Optimal management strategy which should be taken for patients with traumatic disorders.

  • How to handle patients with chronic and acute pain.

  • How to handle patients of cardiovascular and high blood pressure disease.

  • Nurses are to handle intense moments. How to control their emotions and work on.

  • How to take care of elderly patients and how to fulfil all their requirements.

  • Special nursing treatments that are being given now for intense child diseases and its benefits.


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