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Dissertation On Education: In Search Of Interesting Titles

When writing a dissertation based on the subject of education, there are various things you need to consider in order to think of a good title. For example, you may wish to look at what kind of approach you wish to take when writing about education. It may be that you are studying to be a teacher and, therefore, you want to look at effective methods that can help students to learn more easily. Alternatively, you may wish to look at the education system as a whole, if you are thinking about going into the administrative side of education.

Furthermore, if you are looking to develop a career in politics, and would like to specialise in education, then you may wish to look at how the government can improve statistics relating to the performance of students, and how the educational system can be revolutionised in order to ensure that young people get the most out of their education.

Getting further inspiration

If you have some rough ideas of what you want to write about, but you are still not quite sure of a title yet, then you may wish to find ways of getting further inspiration. For example, you may wish to look through any past papers that other people have written, which can easily be found online, via numerous different websites. Alternatively, prewritten samples can be a great way of understanding how to write the work, and can give you a better understanding of what content to include as well.

For some further inspiration when it comes to titles, take a look at the ideas below.

  • Should students be required to do more, fewer or the same number of examinations as they currently do?

  • How are statistics relating to education in different countries measured, and how accurate are illegal able that are produced?

  • Should brighter students be taught separately, or does separating students according to their abilities not make any difference?

  • What role should the education system have in bringing up children than teaching them manners?

  • Should more be done in the educational system to promote healthier lifestyles?

  • How important is the language learning in relation to a child’s education?

  • Should children learn traditional subjects throughout their time in education, or does it make more sense for them to choose vocational subjects in their early teens?

  • Should more be done to ensure that teachers understand the principles and basics of teaching?

  • Should children attend school from an earlier age?

  • What impact does education have on the economy of a country?

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