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How To Choose The Easiest Dissertation Topic: Helpful Advice

The ease with which you complete your dissertation will largely depend on your choice of topic. Each topic comes with a unique level of difficulty that will determine whether you enjoy the writing process or not. Before settling for a topic for your dissertation, answer the following questions.

What is your area of interest?

Experts suggest that the best dissertations are those written out of passion other than academic obligation. A topic in your area of interest ignites creativity and will increase your writing enthusiasm. This will make it easier to complete the paper.

Are Study Materials Available?

Though you are not supposed to choose a common topic, ensure that you study an issue that is familiar or relevant to the society or academic world. The materials will be readily available for research purposes. Studying foreign cultures, trends, events, practices, etc means that you have to travel to the area or import resources. This is expensive and in some cases impossible.

Is it within your Scope?

The best topic for a dissertation is one in your area and scope of study. A topic leaning towards mathematics yet your specialization is in physics will not make any sense. To the furthest extent possible, choose a topic in your area of study.

Is it a Real Social Concern?

There should be a connection between social and academic affairs. Your dissertation should aim at providing a solution to social issues. Select a topic that resonates with your community in order to find grounding when searching for solutions.

Here are some fresh dissertation ideas to consider

  • Global wars are leading to a massive loss of history

  • Increasing nuclear capable countries would make the world safer

  • Trade imbalance is impossible to resolve

  • Customer loyalty has been overtaken by innovation in defining competitive brands

  • International trade biases must exist for multinationals to make profit

  • Human right tenets are not uniform across communities

  • Education is a better solution towards world peace

  • Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms are responsible for increased arrogance in the market

  • Humanities and social sciences would create a better society than technology

  • Increased attention on sport heroes is responsible for their downfall

  • Religion is an integral aspect of a developed society

  • Housing should form part of basic human rights

You may need to read widely in order to come up with the best dissertation topic. The topic may change several times before the end of your paper. It may actually be the last sentence you write before handing over your script.


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