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Geography Dissertation Topics That Can Help You Create A Great Project

Here are five interesting topics for creating a great project.

Healthy Waters

The environmental factors that decide the health of fish in small streams Water is necessary for life. The relative health of the lifeforms in natural lakes and streams can be a major indicator of the overall health of the ecosystem. Devise methods of assessing the health of aquatic creatures in small stream and ponds around urban areas and compare it to that of similar organism in a rural area.

Natural caves

Natural limestone caves can take centuries to form and have therefore been a constant feature in the natural landscape of many locations. The process of cave formation requires a reaction between acidic running water and calcium rock surfaces which is then release into a natural water source as a solution. Is it possible that there exists a different evolutionary divergence for the life in these areas compared to other areas with similar forms of life?

Changing Landscapes

There are places in the world where thriving communities have developed along the mouths of large river deltas and banks. These areas are prone to seasonal changes in water levels and sediment deposition. The communities that develop here have adapted to making use of these patterns and have survived there for years. How different are the life and cultural habits of these communities from ones in more stable environments?


The oil industry is quite possibly the largest and most influential in modern times. Oil forms as a result of natural geographical processes over large expanses of time. Many oil drilling processes utilize knowledge of the types features of the earth crust that often give rise to oil formation to locate oil and as a result, various technologies have been quickly develop to aid in this process. How has this industry affected our knowledge of the dynamics of the earths crust?

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are very particular about their location and environmental conditions. They require specific temperatures and depths to facilitate good light access. As well as clear waters and very little variance in all of these temperatures. In recent time many coral reefs have become endangered due to changes in environmental factors. Can suitable conditions be found in new places on earth as a result of an overall change in environmental factors?


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