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5 Ways To Come Up With An Intriguing Sociology Dissertation Topic

When writing a dissertation, one of the main things you’ll have to do is create an interesting topic. This “thesis statement” forms the entire focus of your paper so it’s quite important you develop a captivating main point that your research paper is centered on, and one you know about. There are various ways to go about it and below are five tips to help you come up with an intriguing topic for a sociology thesis.

  1. Ascertain your topic
  2. The very first thing you must do is decide on the topic of your dissertation. This could be a general sociology topic such as pro-social behavior, discrimination, diversity, self-identity, social identity, group behavior or prejudice.

  3. Base it on preliminary research
  4. Once you have settled on a topic, you will then have to lock down your chosen topic by conducting some preliminary research on it. You can choose to take any one of the above sub topics and base your paper on it. It’s important that once you make a statement within the topic, seek to prove that statement with at least three testimonials to support it.

  5. Create an outline
  6. Now that your general idea is locked in, it is of paramount importance to create an outline that captures and really narrows down what you’ll be basing your thesis paper on when you get to writing it. This thesis should ideally be comprised of the main point that you intend to make, plus the evidence to support it. This outline will help you to make sure that you stay keen and focused throughout the writing process.

  7. Decide on the main point
  8. The main point of your dissertation should be established by your outline once it’s complete. This will be what your entire paper will be focused on. You might have a general idea about your topic before creating the outline, but you can now solidify it as you continue with your research. From here on, everything that you write is to prove your thesis statement.

  9. Elevate your finish
  10. Sexy topics tend to merit better scores. Sexy topics are simply twists on old issues to stroke new interest. This is more than just pushing the envelope though. Sexy is an awesome thing to have in your resume.

    In order to develop your thesis, you’ll have to organize your ideas then research on the topic. You’ll also have to be focused to ensure your chosen topic is supported with enough evidence.

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