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Guidelines For Finding Dissertation Topics On Education: 5 Great Suggestions

The dissertation is a topic on the mind of every university or college student. It can be a major part of one’s pursuit of a degree and careful attention must be taken to construct it properly. It may very well decide your life. There are many ways you can go about choosing a topic from the sources right around you or from far away. Here are 10 suggestions for coming up with great dissertation topics in education:

  1. Interview present students
  2. Students are currently being educated and as such, they would have very up to date, relevant information on the present education system. Visit a school or university and seek out students during break times and ask to have a short conversation with them Ask them about their problems and their ides to improve the system.

  3. Speak to current educators
  4. Professors and teachers are the leaders of education and will be exposed to the many trials of the system. They are busy people so it may be hard to find one available for an interview but when you do, as them for their views on the current system. They may have thought about this at length before you came along and may be more than happy to share their thoughts with you. These ides can prove valuable in choosing a topic for you paper.

  5. Study examples from past students
  6. You are not the first student to be required to do a dissertation. There are many papers done by past students and looking over some of these can give good ideas on how to choose a topic for your own.

  7. Invite your friends over for brainstorming
  8. There’s nothing better than some beer and junk food to get conversations going. While it may be a bit unruly, people often say the most impressive things when they’re not thinking about it. Invite your friends over and steer the conversation in the direction of education. You may be surprised by what they come up with.

  9. Formulate a project to explore your own experiences within the system
  10. You yourself are also enrolled in an educational program. You are subject to the joys and hardships of the systems just as anyone else is and your opinion is equally valid. Explore your experiences, you may very well hit upon a very unique and undocumented idea for your own paper.


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