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How To Write A Dissertation In International Relations Easily

Writing your International Relations dissertation is a great challenge that will involve the use of all the skills you have developed while studying for your degree. These skills include critical reading, identification and analysis of problem areas, collection of evidence and data and writing in an effective manner.

A dissertation in International Relations is written much like a dissertation in any other subject area; you need to have a plan. Here is a breakdown of some of the most important aspects of getting your dissertation done quickly and effectively.

  1. Your subject area should be interesting
  2. At most schools, you have the freedom to choose what topic you would like to write your dissertation on. Remember that it should be sufficiently interesting so that someone will want to read 10,000 to 12,000 words about it. The word count requirements may be different for every school but you get the picture. It is usually best to choose a topic that can draw on a wide theoretical and evidential body of work but the question being researched about the topic itself is better off being pretty specific.

    In addition to the above, also remember that this will be a topic you will be living and breathing for close to a year. Make sure it is something that excites you because writing for that long about something you do not like is a very tough thing to do.

  3. Get your supervisor to help you
  4. It helps to be in your supervisor’s good books. Think of them as an extremely valuable resource. No one will do your work for you and the same is true for your supervisor. But it is worth remembering that your supervisor has been assigned to you because they have experience, are interested in your subjected area and want to help you research it. Always take on board the suggestions your supervisor gives. In most cases, they will also be one of the people marking your writing so it pays to have them intimately involved in your hard work. Schedule regular appointments and meet with them regularly.

  5. An outline will save your life
  6. Before you start writing, your research should already be done. This is the point most students miss. You do not start writing your dissertation and do research along the way. Your writing is a description of all that you have found out while reading and experimenting. Thoroughly read up about your topic, take lots and lots of notes. Make audio notes to remind yourself. When you have enough material, build an outline for your paper and start writing.

Good luck!


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