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Practical Tips On How To Follow The Correct Dissertation Abstract Format

A dissertation is a formal assignment that provides important details about your research, including its purpose, methodology, key findings, and conclusions. Composing a correct abstract is a vital part of your work because this small piece of writing presents your paper to the readers so that they could understand whether they want to read it in detail or not. The following practical tips and useful advice will help you prepare a great abstract without a hitch.

How to Compose an Impressive Dissertation Abstract: Tips to Follow

A typical abstract includes required elements that make it informative and reader-friendly, so pay special attention to the following practical tips:

  • Remember the purpose of your abstract. It serves as a summary of your dissertation that systemizes the content of your research.

  • Follow the length requirements. A typical piece of writing does not exceed one page of a text. However, check whether your instructor asks you to stick to a certain word count.

  • Focus your writing. Your abstract should be focused, clear, and written in a formal tone. You should cut unnecessary details and highlight the most important points.

  • Present the entire dissertation. It is vital to present your entire paper, including your research question, literature review, methods and approaches, analysis, and conclusions.

  • Include the keywords. You should select the keywords that represent the subject area of your research and identify the character of your paper as a whole.

  • Build an impression that your work is important. Your task is to explain why your research matters and how its results can be used.

  • Organize your abstract correctly. It is a good idea to find a sample abstract and use it as an outline to structure your writing correctly.

What to Avoid While Writing a Dissertation Abstract: Useful Advice

There are several important don’ts that you should keep in mind while writing your dissertation abstract. First, keep a professional tone. You should avoid using the first person, write full sentences, and use active verbs where possible. Try to report your ideas rather than comment upon them and use positive phrasing.

Second, it is recommended avoid abbreviations, acronyms, jargon, symbols, trade names, and company names. You should also ensure that you do not provide any new information in the abstract and do not use synonyms instead of your keywords or else you may give your readers the impression that your paper covers some aspects it does not actually contain.


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