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Top 20 Successful Postgraduate Dissertation Topics In Economics

When you are looking for the right topic for your economics dissertation, try to find a topic that is intriguing to you. If you write about something that interests you, or you feel strong about, then the paper should be smooth sailing. However, if you are still having some trouble with coming up with a topic, and you have no idea what to write about, here are 20 topics in economics that are sure to provoke thought and earn you the grade that you deserve.

  1. Macroeconomics
  2. This is a broad focus on economics as a whole. There are many directions that you can take it in too narrow it down.

  3. Microeconomics
  4. Unlike Macroeconomics, this is a focus of economics on the individual level.

  5. Regional Economics
  6. Try finding a specific place to focus on and look at their economics.

  7. Institutional Economics
  8. Geographic Economics
  9. This topic focuses on the economic activity for a geographical location.

  10. Environmental Economics
  11. Economics and Health
  12. With this topic, you could focus on the health care policy of a specific place. You could even compare the health care of a few countries.

  13. Economic Sociology
  14. There are some sociological aspects that go into economics and how they affect certain people and in certain places. Do some research on those aspects and write about the findings.

  15. Economic inequality
  16. This topic can be taken at a micro or macro level. You can focus on economic inequality on a large scale of the whole country, or you can take the micro approach and look at it from an individual perspective.

  17. Industrial Economics
  18. International Trade
  19. The topic speaks for itself in the fact that it would be about the structure of trade at an international level.

  20. The evolution of economics in a specific region
  21. This topic is almost like a timeline of economics, like policies, for a certain region of your choosing.

  22. Economic Policies
  23. Find a policy that you either agree or disagree with and write about it.

  24. Economic growth in a specific region
  25. Find a country or region that you want to focus on and write about their economic growth and bring up any declines as well.

  26. Development Economics
  27. The comparison of two financial systems
  28. Labor Economics
  29. The Housing Market: What’s working and what is not
  30. The Comparison of two or more economic policies
  31. Employment Economics

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