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Coming Up With Interesting Dissertation Topics In History

An interesting History dissertation topic welcomes discussion along with critical evaluation on the subject. In order to generate some benefits for academic community, some high end topics are stated below. Check them out-

  1. Discuss how Crimean war was different from Second World War?
  2. In what ways Italian Unification was similar and dissimilar from German Unification?
  3. How First World War was different from Second World War? What were their future impacts? Were their outcomes fruitful in terms of creating a new world?
  4. How Mussolini, Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia differ from each other? How their roles impacted the upcoming era?
  5. What were the after effects of municipal inaction in the West Midlands in 1840-1926 for working class housing conditions? Discuss the social and political history of urban Britain. Briefly throw a light on housing and spatial structure of cities too.
  6. How much secure did English Protestantism felt in the early years of Elizabeth I’s sovereignty?
  7. How French formal gardening played a significant role in altering the roles and tastes in the 17th and 18th centuries? What were the chief reasons of creating the garden? What political changes took place at Versailles?
  8. Analyze the factors that throw a light on growth and movement of inhabitants during c1801 and 1914 in the East Midlands region. How the population of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire changed. What pattern did these cities followed?
  9. How migration played a crucial role in 1700-1801 periods? How it affected growth of urban centers? How Country, county and town came into existence? What pattern of regional evolution followed in England?
  10. How politics affected the attendance at the theatre in Paris in 18th century. How theatre created a revolutionary transformation in Paris? Discuss the image of Moliere during French revolution in the theatres.
  11. What transformation took place in London’s East end? Draw an analysis of census returns during the period of 1851 and 1901. How London urban transition affected the viewpoints of people across the world?
  12. Discuss the case of Nottingham, 1958-” Divided by race”. What was the chief source of investigation during the first modern race riots in England? How policies and politics in Britain were affected by race and education. Briefly discuss black migrants verses white natives. What do you understand by race relations in Nottingham?
  13. Conduct a reassessment on the Carolingian renaissance. Discuss the relation between the politics and rituals during the Early Medieval Europe. What was the concept of renaissance before the renaissance?

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