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Where To Look For A Good PhD Dissertation Acknowledgement Example

What Is PhD Dissertation Acknowledgement?

A dissertation acknowledgment piece is where you have to thank the supporting hands for your PhD journey. From your mentor to the academic staff, from your fellow researchers to your family- an acknowledgement piece must include the ones without whom your researching and writing wouldn’t have completed. But not every dissertation needs an acknowledgement page. Ask your mentor about its relevancy.

What Is The Placement Of Dissertation Acknowledgement?

This is the prevalent norm that an acknowledgement page should be included next to the title page. But many professors suggest that this must be placed after the abstract. On the other hand, the page must be a single one and you shouldn’t lengthen the piece unnecessarily.

Where to Look For a Dissertation Acknowledgement Example?

  • Consult The Library
  • Visiting your institution’s academic library is the quickest and easiest way to find out the acknowledgement samples. The library is the best place to find out what your seniors have written in their acknowledgement pages. You can borrow these papers with the permission of the librarians or if it’s not the norm, then you can easily note the structure down.

  • Visit The Digital Library
  • The digital library of any academic institution must be full of thesis papers that can be downloaded for the current students. Sometimes, you may need to pay a nominal fee in order to purchase them. Even if it so, you should invest a chunk of your pocket money in order to lay your hands upon the acknowledgement example pages.

  • Go Through Scholarly Journals/Books
  • There are innumerable books that are available in market guiding the doctorate students about their writing. If your institution library has them in limited number, you have no other option but to buy few of them. You may ask your professor to recommend few good books that teach about- how to write a thesis paper. In that case, you will also learn about the correct acknowledgement page set-up.

  • Search The Internet
  • The internet is full of articles about thesis example including acknowledgement sample. But to obtain the best, you need to visit only the hard-core academic sites. Much useless stuff is there in digital space in the name of academic. So you have to be choosey. You can also ask your fellow research mates or senior for recommendations.

  • Ask Your Mentor
  • If your every effort fails, then ask your mentor to guide you though. You may need to fix an appointment with her/him and use bit persistence. But at the end, it will pay.


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