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How To Write A Proper Acknowledgement For A Master's Dissertation

Acknowledgements are an indication that you completed your master’s dissertation with the help of other parties. It identifies different people and the role they played towards the completion of your paper. It aims at recognizing support of whatever kind given to you up to the point of completion. Though the section is short, it is a crucial admission that without the support of the mentioned people, the final document would not have been as it is. How do you write an acknowledgment with the assistance of masters thesis writing services?

  1. Identify The People Who Need Acknowledgement
  2. It is impossible to recognize the contribution of everyone who assisted in the production of your dissertation. Should you target the acknowledgement of everyone who had a role, it would be too long and unnecessary. The trick is to recognize those whose support was notably significant.

    Since everyone does not contribute in an equal way, acknowledge those who offered unique support. This is a level or type of support that cannot be offered by everyone or anyone. They include your family members, supervisor, research assistants, etc. People who played what would be referred to as normal roles do not really need mention. Find people whose support was pivotal in the completion of the paper.

  3. Find an Appropriate Order
  4. The level of importance can either be ascending or descending. This means beginning with what is perceived as the most important or the least important. Either way, there must appear to be some order in your acknowledgement.

    When organizing your work, identify persons who supported you technically like researchers, data analysts, editors, etc, morally like your parents, siblings, friends, loved ones, etc, financially including any sponsors and, professionally which captures your supervisors, the committee, the department, librarians, etc. Each of these groups should appear in a cluster. The purpose of an order is only to organize your work but not to indicate any sense of importance.

  5. Draft a Small Paragraph
  6. Writing an acknowledgement for your master’s dissertation does not mean that you capture everything the people did. You are only supposed to mention them as opposed to providing details of their support. Use as few words as possible to describe their contribution. A single line is enough to mention them without going into details.

    It is impossible to appreciate or acknowledge everyone who assisted you in the writing process. The secret therefore is to provide a general statement at the end. The statement should appreciate the support and assistance of everyone whose contribution is significant yet was not mentioned specifically.


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