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Writing a Thesis Conclusion Chapter Without Any Trouble

If you are ready to pen the conclusion of your thesis, you have almost finished a very long and laborious journey. This project may have taken you up to a year to complete and it your most important piece of academic wrting. The close has to be strong and clear. But you may be worn-out and tired from all the work. However, do not quit now, as one of the most important pieces of your work still remains: the close. Here are the goals of the close:

  • Unite the points stated in the body of the paper
  • Reviewing and reflecting on your thesis statement
  • Give the solutions to the research query
  • Identify the theory implications of the study
  • Pinpoint any limitations in your study
  • Point to possible areas and possible means for future explorations

It should not:

  • Introduce any new ideas
  • Be too lengthy
  • Retell the entire paper
  • Say “in conclusion”
  • Say “ to conclude”

It could include and present:

  • A quote
  • A universal statement
  • A realistic and logical close
  • Bring all of the ideas together and redirect the audience to your initial focus
  • Be simple and systematic
  • Tell a story
  • Make your stand
  • Stress the importance of the topic
  • A restatement of the research queries

The goal with all introductions and conclusions is the same: be strong, be clear, and be simple. You do not want to confuse any member of your audience at this point. Keep the sentence structure simple and easy to digest. You are not, nor do you want to retell the entire paper. This is not the purpose of the close. You want to shut the door on your arguments leaving your readers without one single doubt to your success.

Wrap it Up

  • Be strong
  • Be precise
  • Wrap it up
  • Be specific (the opposite of the introduction which is very general)
  • Summarize
  • No new ideas
  • Finish on an upbeat note

This is not the time to get windy, lose your energy, or ramble. Do not show off your magnetic and large vocabulary. Wrap up all of your point points with a positive and articulate tone. Be confident with the close. If you are unclear as to how to accomplish this, you can hire a tutor, use the campus-writing lab, or employ a writing company. Now is not the time to present an inferior piece of writing.


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