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Completing A Master's Dissertation: A Quick Writing Guide

Before students can be given their master's degree, they must first finish their dissertation. This essay is a massive undertaking that can take months or years to complete. If the student plans on continuing to a doctoral program, this paper will be used to determine whether they are accepted. In addition, it serves as excellent practice for students who will ultimately be writing a doctoral thesis.

Begin Early

The number one tip that students should use is to begin working on their project early. As soon as possible, students should find the topic that they want to study and stick to it. By starting early, students can make sure that they are able to complete everything on time. The student should make out a schedule that lists when each part of the process will be completed. From research to writing, the student can break down the entire process to make sure that they are ready.

Make an Outline

An outline is one of the best things that students can do to make sure that they have properly structured their argument. With an outline, the student can move around sections easily so that they are in the most logical order. As the student makes their outline, they should include one or two pieces or research in each paragraph that they can use when they start writing. In addition to speeding up the writing process, this step will ensure that the student actually has enough research on hand to complete their dissertation.

Read Examples

Unless the student has already written a dissertation in the past, they will want to read through some examples before they begin. By reading through these examples, the student can gain a better idea about the type of research and writing that they will need to do. In addition, the student can use the example as a guide for citing sources, formatting their paper and creating a bibliography.

Ask for Help

An academic adviser exists for a reason. It is the professor's job to guide the student along the entire process and answer any questions that they may have. Every week or two, the student should meet with the academic adviser to make sure that they are on task for completing the assignment. In addition, the student may want to visit the academic adviser more often if they have additional questions. Other than the academic adviser, the student can ask their classmates or tutors for additional help. These individuals can be useful resources for finding research materials, editing and proofreading the document.


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