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Psychology Dissertation Topics: 15 Useful Suggestions

If you are creating the dissertation for your psychology course, you need to make a great effort to provide content that is really engaging. Many students can write on this niche, but how many of them can actually make a great paper? There are so many issues to be taken into consideration that you can easily feel overwhelmed. These 15 useful suggestions will be a great help in your project:

  1. Make a list of possible topics. Write there anything that you found interesting, and that would be suitable for your course.
  2. Write the requirements of your dissertation. For sure you have some rules that you need to follow, so make sure you choose the topic accordingly.
  3. Choose the topic and describe the main points that you will analyze.
  4. Search for relevant sources for your essay. The best thing you can do is to quote specialists in the field or to study academic papers that are concentrating on the same topic as you do.
  5. Write your first draft without thinking too much. You have time to correct the grammar and structure mistakes later, in the beginning focus on the information that you possess.
  6. Touch the social aspects. Since the society influences behaviors, it is vital to mention this as a factor for any condition.
  7. Take care with the cultural norms. What might seem odd for you, can be perfectly acceptable for a person who lives in another culture.
  8. Focus on common problems. For example, social anxiety can be a topic easy to explore, and it can be very helpful for your classmates.
  9. Make some research to see what problems your friends are facing. This can show you new perspectives that you did not consider.
  10. Write from an objective point of view. Since it is a scientific paper, it is vital for you to write solid and logic arguments.
  11. Analyze recent events. Any event can be analyzed from a psychological point of view, especially if the opinion of certain individuals is very strong.
  12. Discuss with a psychologist. What better person that him to advise you on your project?
  13. Do not be afraid to touch sensitive topics. Abortion, child abuse, discrimination, all these topics need to be discussed if you want to solve a problem.
  14. When possible, provide statistics and numbers. The information that you integrate will seem more trustworthy, and your professor will appreciate your research ability.
  15. Analyze your behaviors. In many situations, you can put yourself in the center of the situation and to try to realize if the issue that you are analyzing is affecting your personality.

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