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Where To Look For Good Undergraduate Dissertation Examples

A dissertation is a major piece of work, there is no question about that. You have to step up to the challenge and do the best you possibly can. That is easy enough if you are comfortable with writing long compositions of many pages. Let’s be honest, though, if you are somebody who is good at math or science the ability to write may be a challenge. You can offset this by taking a look at a few examples. The idea is that as you understand how the thesis can be written, the anxiety reduces and you feel better about the assignment. Frankly, many great dissertation samples are hidden in plain sight. The following are some sources.

  • Scholarly journals. It is quite possible for undergraduates to get published in these periodicals. You can take a look at a journal and perhaps find a great example.

  • Looking in the Library. There can be an area where earlier undergraduate work is kept. You can easily make a trip to the library and see if there are any available for you to review.

  • Do an Internet Search. You would have to be sure that the query includes undergraduate in the terminology. However, you can probably find a large number of examples by scouting out the web.

  • Ask Your Teacher. Do not assume that your instructor is not going to help you. In fact, this person may have kept a number of examples for students to consider. It requires asking, which may seem difficult but is very easy to do. You may be pleasantly surprised at the response.

  • Fellow Classmates. Somebody else in class may already done this type of work and can give you an idea of what to do.

  • Writing Books. There any number of books on writing styles which can be found at the library, the local bookstore, or even a discount bookstore. You may find some examples of how to write a lengthy thesis in the pages of any of these books.

Never think of an example as an easy way out. There are some undergraduates think that they can an existing work and get away with. That is not true at all. Websites can permit a teacher quickly find out that plagiarism has been involved. You get yourself into a lot of trouble if you try to cheat. Use the examples as a way to your writing. You will learn a lot in the review.


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