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10 Great Dissertation Topics In Finance To Explore

If you have to write a dissertation in finance, there are few areas that you can focus on to help you get a good grade. Be sure to use these essential resources as you work on your subject matter:


  • Start by checking online in various news articles. As the recent talk has been that the FED is going to raise interest rates, this may be a great subject to write about. You can write about the history of the FED as it relates to interest rates. How we were flat for so long, and whether or not this is going to be a move that causes the market to go into a bear market.
  • Next consider writing about Janet Yellen, the first female Fed Chair, will a female Fed Chair gain the respect that Bernanke or Greenspan did? Will she be as influential in her decision-making?
  • You can also write about women in business and finance. Do your researches on companies with powerful CEOs like Sheryl Sandberg, who is CEO of Facebook, or Indra Nooyi, who is the CEO of Pepsi.
  • Another top topics, as we just mentioned Indra Nooyi as CEO of Pepsi, is whether the reason Pepsi is outperforming Coca-Cola because she knows more about business, and she was also Harvard alum? Is this what is hurting Coca-Cola sales and causing them to slump? Make sure to include numbers!
  • Another area that you may focus on is oil and how long oil can stay below $50 a barrel. Can this help or hurt the US economy?
  • Next, think about the next area the financial market might go into. Are we getting ready for another economic crisis as it relates to Greece and banking? Or will it be China breaking away from the BRICs?
  • A great thesis topic might be as more Millennials start to buy new homes, will this help the housing market bounce back? Also, be sure to tie in foreclosures and whether or not the foreclosure help that the government was giving to the US was helpful or detrimental to the economy? Factor in all the abandoned homes in your research.
  • Lastly, you could write about the state of the economy now based on the 2008 2009 credit crisis and housing debacle. Are we really back on track? Or are we headed for a global recession?

As you consider these top ideas, this may help you to find a great dissertation subject that you want to explore further.


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