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Choosing Good Dissertation Topics: Off The Beaten Track

The writing of any extended piece of academic content can be troublesome if your aim is to be unique. You will face limits such as the need to not be offensive to anyone or to still add something of value to your discipline. There are a few ways that you can increase your chances of obeying those restrictions while remaining true to your originality. They are:

Working with others

This helps you to gain from their experiences during the brainstorming process so that the resulting ideas will reflect not just the individuals’ knowledge but that of the whole group. This also makes it a bit less boring.

Combining disciplines

If you restrict yourself to pursuing ides that are obvious withing your subject area, you are likely to only come up with things that other people have already looked into in detail.This may be enough to help you write an adequate dissertation but it will not do if you want more than that.

Pulling topics from the news

There is always something fascinating happening somewhere in the world. Find a way to incorporate this into your subject area.

The following topics represent a few ways that the methods discussed above can be applied:

  • Finding the links between action and personality: Are messy people more creative?
  • Could the houses of the future be 3D printed, Eco friendly and universally affordable?
  • Are women in the workplace forced to obey crippling standards of professional footwear?
  • Should parents be made to teach multiple languages to all of their children?
  • Is it discriminatory to teach as facts things that are contradictory to a student’s religion?
  • Are the arts given enough attention in the modern curriculum or has technology pushed them out?
  • Obesity: Concerning worldwide health epidemic or the new look of ‘normal’?
  • Can font choice change our opinion of a novel or other written piece of work?
  • In a world dominated by smart technology, how important is it for children to learn the multiplication tables?
  • Can the old postal service compete with electronic methods of communication?
  • How destructive is the bottled water industry to the environment?
  • How will the use of self driving cars change the way that roads are planned and designed?
  • Can international travel find ways to prevent the spread of the next super virus?
  • How effective is crocheting in the fight against depression?

Use these topics as practice or to inspire your own.


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